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I Suck At This😖

Why the frick am I starting a blog? Well it's always been a thing I wanted to do, honestly I've attempted about three in my lifetime so far but it never worked out💁🏾. I'm the silent type never having much to say but I've always had a lot to write it's the way I face my truths I guess. Lately I've been feeling like a soda you know all bottled up ready to explode so I'm letting it out on here.

I'm going to tell you guys everything well almost everything from the time the doctor slapped my black booty to the day I spend the night with a PIMP. Read and don't judge me just listen to things I've been yelling through watery eyes and cracked smiles and take the journey of self growth with me. I'm gonna talk a lot of Ish, I'm gonna chat about nothing sometimes but just bare with me y'all. Lemme tell my story LET' S BEGIN!

I'm a ugly little black girl from the Caribbean islands with a smart mouth, a big butt, but a timid personality. My best friend is another fellow ugly black girl with a thin frame, a big mouth and an even bigger heart. I have never been popular past junior high which is so crazy cause in junior high I was low key the shiznayeee y'all .lol I think it was the butt cause my clothes were hella cheap and I wore box braids straight through and a black mother will leave box braids in a decade before she takes them out. I remember one time they were video taping people's shoes and making fun of them and I just had to wear my Sunday best ass looking, Payless corn rubbing ass black shoe polish ass church shoes. I played it off like I didn't care but when I got home boy did I cry , I cried for about 20 minutes went in the bathroom cleaned them and decided I was wearing that shit again tomorrow. Why? Not only because I still pulled niggas lol (excuse my ignorance I'm trying to stop using that word) but because GOT DAMMIT! My mother worked two jobs to get me those I was ashamed of the shoes but that day I knew what pride was. I knew that my shoes didn't define me and if they did it would say that I was a well dressed young ambitious lady with some hard working parents. I always look back at junior high and think how did I ever have friends walking around looking like Kunta kinte god-daughter but I realized it was pride(aside from God's grace) that draw people to me .those same boys who made fun of me in 6th grade hollered at me in 7th it all goes to show that BOYS AINT Shit, Y'all thought I was gonna drop some wisdom? Lol It's what you think of yourself that matters most.the worlds opinion changes everyday, first coffee is bad then it's good, first technology is bad then it's good, Michael Jackson was black then white, shit changing everyday Bih. ITS THE PERCEPTION YOU HAVE OF YOURSELF THAT LASTS A LIFETIME.

Until Next Time...❤️

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