Its Above Me Now *Shrug*

Heyyyyyy Guyssssss!!!!

Now i know that yoiu havent heard from me in a while right? lol seems like thats how all my posts start! Anyways i have been doing pretty good considering i wrote my book and also did a small tour which was successful in my eyes. Since then i have been hit with some serious stuff. I mean who knew that writing a book will suddenly change someone's entire life right? Yes for the men i am still single lol (Its humor dont DM me). But back to the story.

People are really wildin out in these streets.

i've heard all kind of rumors about the book and myself since it was released. I just keep thinking Thank you God they dont have the whole story. Trust me if i was inspired to share the whole thing it would not have gotten published. When i got my first bad review on amazon i was HEARTBROKEN. While my church family was looking for the culprit so they can attack i curled up into a ball and started criticizing every inch and aspect of my work. I started thinking that this person is right, my book sucks. It was recently i realized that the style of my book is different and most people might not understand its purpose.

The 2nd time I fell in Love with Jesus is

-Not written in chronological order

-Not organized

-Full of ebonics, slang and grammatical errors

The more people pointed these things out the more they highlighted that THAT'S THE POINT OF MY WORK.




I didnt want to sound smart. Trust me i can do that. i wanted to be real and transparent about who i was and am. As i highlight in the book a numerous amount of times the book is about YOUUUUUUUU!

if its about you , why am i trying to look good or intellectual. if i am smart and intellectual that would shine through the pages regardless!

Thats why no one can find healing everyone is too busy covering wounds and bandaging scars. If i had done that my book would have just been another well written read. My book is for emergencies. Have you ever been to an emergency room? its chaotic. Things run differently!

Anyways. It got me thinking.

I can not control people's perception of me. How they perceive me is based on their ability to see clearly or lack thereof. What 's important is my perception f myself. What do i know about me.

Who they say you are whether it be positive or negative will fluctuate but what you think of yourself must be constant. Its possible that if you focus on who you know you are that other's opinions will hold less control over you.

So the millennials came up with "It's above me now"

I think in Drake's well known song "Jungle" he starts off in the first line saying "These days, im letting God handle all things above me.

Recognize whats above you and Let HIM handle it.

You dont know Jack SQUAT what you're doing and thats okay!

SEEEEEE i didn't even finish what was happening with me.

Guess the amazon reviewer was right i cant stay focused.........

Only cause Your healing is important to me.

Peace and Love to you my babies.

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